Welcome to the District of Columbia
Association of Land Surveyors (DCALS)

Founded in 2001, DCALS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the sciences of Surveying and Mapping and to the improvement of the Profession of Land Surveying in the District of Columbia. 



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DCALS 2014!


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December 10, 2014 a DATE to remember!

A lesson of monumental Surveyor's who led this Nation {USA}

“THREE SURVEYORS AND THE OTHER GUY” — Only four presidents are immortalized on Mount Rushmore — the very greatest ones alone. And every American land surveyor is justifiably proud of the fact that three of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore came from our profession. But why should that have been? Was there a reason they weren’t admirals, doctors or teachers? Why surveyors? Simply a quirk of history? Or was there something about early surveying in America that produced outstanding leaders of men?


Yes you can be President of America as a Surveyor!


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A history of D.C. Boundary Stones found by Dave Doyles for you DCALS members and Visitors! PDF link



Save District of Columbia Boundary Stones.