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Founded in 2001, DCALS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the sciences of Surveying and Mapping and to the improvement of the Profession of Land Surveying in the District of Columbia. 



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Main Presentation Presented by Dr. Vicki Childers
In 1882, the USC&GS began trying to measure gravity across America. Using pendulums at first, then more-sophisticated methods later, the government undertook a century-long scientific effort to define the earth’s Geoid through gravity. Vast resources were invested. The Vertical Survey Datums of 1927 and 1988, both done by high-order leveling from coast to coast, took endless man-hours, millions of dollars, and decades to complete.

 But today NGS has a brilliant new procedure — the “GRAV-D” Project combining low cost, high-precision and speed. By mounting sensitive gravity meters in aircraft, the exact Geoid of our entire continent is being determined — including much of Mexico, Canada and far out to sea. In just eight years we’ll have a new national datum . . . the North American Vertical Datum of 2022.

 Unlike old ’27 and ’88, NAVD-22 will be accurate to 2 cm anywhere in the United States that a GPS receiver can reach, and the Geoid itself will be the Datum. Say goodbye to complicated adjustments and missing benchmarks. The benchmarks of tomorrow are being set today, on the Geoid, through gravity —and your GPS will lock you in. It’s technology the surveyors of 1882 couldn’t have dreamed.

An Outcome Measure will be conducted and Certificates of Professional Education will be awarded by DCALS to all licensed attendees --- One PDH Unit, equivalent to One Maryland "A" Level CPC Credit, equivalent to One Virginia CE-Unit Credit Hour.


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The Future of Accuracy from this Presenter:  http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/GRAV-D/contact.shtml This is on DCALS link site for those who could not make this needed presentation. You will miss needed knowledge.

More Knowledge for you about the Members of DCALS and the Presenters. http://www.profsurv.com/magazine/article.aspx?i=71462




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